Did you know that in our area we have 179 green spaces, including parks, play grounds, nature reserves and woodland?  The Green Spaces newsletter,  just  published for the first time by Warwick District Council,  aims to open our eyes to these beautiful areas and to encourage readers to make the most of them. Many will be unfamiliar even to long-standing residents.

The newsletter features the green space of the month, in this case Newbold Comyn. It also gives news about upcoming events and activities, including those for children,  and interesting seasonal information, including seasonal maintenance. Now is the time to look out for offers of discarded summer bedding plants in Jephson Gardens and St Nicholas Park.  As much of the work of the Green Spaces Team goes on in the background, passers-by might not realise all that  is required to maintain and improve these beautiful  spaces to the standard we have come to expect.

It is intended to publish the newsletter every month to keep up with events and reflect the changing seasons.