Past Awards

The Society first introduced Awards for improvements to buildings visible to the public (the street scene) in 1976 marking its 20th anniversary.  From 1980 there has been a special award, the Bill Gibbons trophy, given for the best improved owner-occupied property, as viewed from the street.  The winner holds the trophy, a cup, until the following Awards ceremony when it is handed onto the next winner.

The event is generally held biennially.  A recent exception was due to the 2020-21 pandemic.

Assorted records of the Leamington Society Architectural Awards are held by the WCRO (Warwickshire County Record Office) in a file PH1308 which is the copyright of WCRO.  The Society is most grateful to the WCRO for cataloging these papers.

Since 2002 the Society has also maintained a pictorial record of the winners:

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Thanks to Roger Charters, Richard Ashcroft, Richard Ward and Martin Paxton for the pictures. Please let us know if we have failed to credit one of your pictures.