Awards 2021

The Society presents Awards for improvements in the physical environment (‘the street scene’) of Leamington Spa.

Awards are given for a wide variety of work such as

  • restoration of a significant period building,
  • a new building or structure,
  • improvement to a building,
  • a new or restored interior visible to the public,
  • a restored or new shop front,
  • a landscape, garden, park or planting,
  • a sculpture or work of art,
  • any other improvement.

The Bill Gibbons Trophy is presented, in addition, for the most impressive nominated private dwelling.

Any member of the public may nominate a work, either their own or one by someone else. Works must be:

  • visible to the public,
  • for work within Leamington Spa,
  • completed between April 2018 and April 2021.

Any member of the public may make one or more nominations.  All nominations must be received by Sunday, 22 August 2021.

A panel of judges, led by a distinguished architect from outside Leamington Spa, assesses all nominations. Their decision is final, and no correspondence allowed.

Additional Information.  You may include images of your project.  Upload images or attach them to the application form. By doing this you agree to us using any or part of them on our website, in social media or presentations on the night.  If the pictures need a copyright credit, then please supply this as we will assume we have ‘free’ use, if not notified otherwise.

  • The winners will be announced at an evening awards reception on Thursday 4 November 2021.
  • We will be taking photographs and streaming the reception live.  Images and videos will be shared across our media and consent is presumed unless informed otherwise.
  • We will provide a set of winner’s  branded logos that can be used on social media, promotional material etc.

The Society has prepared a film of the 2018 event.

2021 Awards. Click here for details of how to make a proposal for this year’s awards.

 The Society’s 2021 Architectural Awards Scheme is being generously sponsored by BID Leamington