We have kept a watch on plans and policies for over 60 years. Ranging from individual buildings to district-wide planning, we have battled to secure the best of the past whilst welcoming sympathetic development and improvements. In many cases the diligent study of local government and developers’ proposals has revealed inconsistencies in data and policies, and has led to modification or even abandonment of flawed plans.

Our efforts are determined by the time and skills of the volunteers who monitor plans, read through the details of submissions, write up their conclusions in rigorous detail, and then attend meetings and discussions to argue the case as we see it.  Contact us if you would like to help or to report an issue you feel merits the Society’s attention.

Two successful projects we have led though subsets of the Society are accessible below.  Some other topics are featured here

New arches at Pump Room Gardens

A new group, Friends of Christchurch Gardens, was established in spring 2018.