March 7th, Afghanistan; Dr Heidi Meyer.

“After 18 years of America's longest war, US officials are now sitting down  at the table  with the Taliban to negotiate an agreement whereby the Taliban will agree to take a share in ensuring Afghanistan is not a safe haven for terrorists in exchange for full US troop withdrawal." What historical events led to this … Continue reading March 7th, Afghanistan; Dr Heidi Meyer.

Lantern Parade last Sunday

Spectators watching the 2018 Lantern Parade through Jephson Gardens would have been amazed at the numbers taking part and at the wonderful display of lanterns. Parents, children , toddlers in pushchairs, friends and relations  came together to illuminate Leamington. Even a few dogs joined in. The procession as it wound around the Glasshouse seemed never-ending. … Continue reading Lantern Parade last Sunday

December 6th: Special talk and event

Bring a friend to our special Leamington evening on Thursday 6th December at the Dormer Place conference centre. John Richards, the well known Leamington bookbinder, who has worked at Compton Verney and on other commissions for the Royal Academy and the National Trust, will give a talk on his life in bookbinding and bring with … Continue reading December 6th: Special talk and event