Newbold Comyn Golf course

Mack Golf has withdrawn from the management of the golf course occupying half of Newbold Comyn. Their lease agreement with Warwick District (WDC) has ended and WDC is not sure what to do next. They have not ruled out the possibility of it reverting to a golf course and are maintaining it for the time being.

The reason given is that “golf is not so popular as it once was,” which is true up to a point. Jan Gillett, who is a regular golfer write. “Our public course was an ambitious venture, but not kept to the standards expected by regular players. This would demand maintenance that the low fee levels payed by casual golfers could probably never pay for.”

Given the importance of the 300 acre (120 hectares) green belt site (part of which is run by the Warwick Wildlife Trust as the Leam Valley Nature Reserve) WDC does not propose to allow housing and is going to commission a report on the best alternative use, which should be ready in September.  The public are to be consulted after the report is published.  This will be our opportunity to make suggestions.