We apologise for some problems with the PayPal entry and billing, please bear with us and don’t try to apply using this method whilst we find and rectify the fault.

Our continued success depends upon a vigorous membership, and upon large numbers of active volunteers. If you are a tax payer you can increase the value of your subscription at no cost by ticking the box.

“Annual membership is £10 for individuals or £15 for a household, provided payment is through the payment button or by standing order.  Otherwise there is an additional charge of £2.  Membership subscriptions are due on or by 1st April each year.

Payment may be through your bank account or our payment button. You can of course cancel the subscription at any time via your PayPal account or your credit / debit account.

Please note  – our payments are processed by paypal  – you do not need  a paypal account – there is an option to pay by debit or credit card. We have had some random problems where the payment by credit card option has been replaced by – “ create a new account” – if this happens reselect the site and if possible use a different browser and the debit / credit card option should appear.

We have had to do some troubleshooting on this process, the above text actually comes from another quite big charity evidently having similar problems. Don’t you just love IT; the problems won’t literally be “random,” just very hard indeed to get to the bottom of.

Alternatively you can arrange a standing order through your bank in the normal way. Please make clear in the comments space if you do that so we know what to expect.

For joining online please click the “subscribe” button below and then complete the form below that.

Subscription options

Email delivery saves printing costs and the time of our volunteer deliverers

If you wish to join or renew by post a membership form is available by clicking Membership form  which you can print and send to the Membership Secretary at the address given.

To register a change of address please go to this page