March 7th. Newbold Comyn Golf Course update

Members of the Warwick District Council  Executive Committee, meeting on Wednesday 7th March,  approved a proposal for the maintenance of the Newbold Comyn Golf Course site, while a report is compiled into the options for the area, now that Mack Golf are no  longer in charge. It is planned  for low-level maintenance to be carried out by a District Council team, so as to keep the site in good order until a decision is made. This does not mean that further use as a Golf Course is being ruled out. However Councillors are hoping to find ways of opening the site for the use and enjoyment of a larger proportion of Leamington residents than the relatively small number of golfers who used to play there.  During the discussion the value of the area to Leamington was emphasised, both as a location for outdoor recreation for all ages and an important part of the green belt. Councillors made it clear that there was no question of the land being used for housing developments.