Lord Leycester event Saturday May 26th

The Lord Leycester Hospital is a charity with over 700 years of history and I am contacting you today to inform you and your members about our exciting upcoming events.

Join us as we celebrate Warwick Festival, the Legend of Guy of Warwick on Saturday 26th May from 7pm till midnight. Enjoy the Medieval food, drink and entertainment and meet Guy of Warwick and Lady Felice as we travel back in time. If you would like to buy a ticket please ring us on 01926 491422 or email marketing@lordleycester.com for more details.

To continue the Guy of Warwick celebrations, we are hosting a Courtyard event from 12-4pm with Medieval food, music, knights, falcons and ferret racing. Tickets at the door will be £6.50 (the concession rate for entry to the Lord Leycester) where you can still take a look around our historic buildings and learn about its 700 year old history.

We would love to know if you are interested in attending these events as we would love to get as many people involved in this special celebration.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me concerning any questions you may have.

Many thanks,
Becky Redmile
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

T: 01926 491422
M: 07812 203316
E: marketing@lordleycester.com

Website: http://www.lordleycester.com
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