Local Plan: eventually

A press release on 2nd August tells us the welcome news that the Inspector has finally approved the modified Local Plan. This is scheduled for adoption at a Council meeting on 20th September.

The Inspector’s Report starts with a one page “Non‐ Technical Summary” of the main modifications. The headline is that the housing requirement will average 932 per year, a total of 16,776 over the period 2011 to 2029. The Plan is deemed to have started in 2011 (yes!). Which means that since there was an average of 600 a year so far, the Plan proposes 1,098 a year onwards to 2029.

These extra numbers include an average of 332 a year to provide for unmet needs in Coventry. So it is logical that extra growth required will be allocated to the southern edge of Coventry, in addition to the many existing sites adjoining Warwick, Leamington and Kenilworth. Not that this has been welcomed by WDC residents to the south of Coventry! As far as Leamington goes, it is noted that Red House Farm, Lillington was ruled out as a new housing site by the Inspector.