Lantern Parade last Sunday

Tough to photograph, but a charming show

Spectators watching the 2018 Lantern Parade through Jephson Gardens would have been amazed at the numbers taking part and at the wonderful display of lanterns. Parents, children , toddlers in pushchairs, friends and relations  came together to illuminate Leamington. Even a few dogs joined in. The procession as it wound around the Glasshouse seemed never-ending. The lanterns of all shapes and sizes in brilliant colours could be seen through the trees as they advanced through the Gardens to reach the Parade.

The variety and ingenuity of the lanterns was most impressive.  There were plenty of snowmen and quite a few Santas but also dogs, horses, angels, unicorns, Christmas trees and even space ships.

Before the procession started at 5 o’clock there was plenty of entertainment, including lantern-making workshops, music and carol singing.  A local band then accompanied the procession through the Gardens. A memorable start to the Leamington Christmas season.

Barbara Lynn