Make a difference

You’ve seen the work we do and got a sense of the enjoyment that comes with it: now take action! If you believe it’s worth working to protect Leamington Spa’s unique and historic environment then join us today: the special appeal of Leamington is no accident, and we are proud of the influence we have had. However our continued success depends on both having a substantial membership and on their active involvement.

A membership form is available by clicking here Membership application (PDF) which you can print and send to contacting our Membership Secretary, Margaret Begg at the address given.

(We hope to launch on-line registration and payment facilities shortly)


Membership Rates

Individual annual membership is £10 for when paid by standing order and £12 if paid by cheque.

Joint annual membership (2 people at the same address) is £15 if paid by standing order and £17 if paid by cheque.

Membership subscriptions are due on/by  1st April . We encourage members who wish to help the  Society financially to add a donation to their subscription.

Given our charitable status your subscription could be worth another 25% to the Society if you are a UK taxpayer and tick the Gift Aid declaration on the membership form..