Further action on Clean Up Britain  campaign

We reported on 18th May  on the launch at the Town Assembly of the Clean Up Britain campaign,

Now Warwick District Council is planning to take action on one of the campaign’s recommendations, the provision of more litter bins in appropriate places and an increase in the frequency with which they are emptied. If the Council votes in favour more personnel will be taken on and additional vehicles leased at an annual cost of £172,000

While the latest phase of the campaign, Now Or Never, focussed on changing the attitude of the general public towards the dropping of litter, the better provision of litter bins was also an important recommendation. John Read the founder spoke in his address about how demotivating it is to find no litter bins in sight, any nearby overflowing with rubbish and the ground underneath littered as well.

It was encouraging during the Canal Festival to see some of the campaign’s striking posters on display by the canal, just the place where passers-by would drop litter.