Leamington Station

Our aim is to make Leamington Station a good place to start and finish a journey.

The group was created in late 2004 by the Leamington Society soon after the station and its surroundings were listed Grade II. Work began on the neglected gardens on the embankments and the platform. These gardens now regularly win local and national awards. Funds have been raised to replace the long running-in-boards, increase the number of platform benches in a consistent Great Western Railway pattern; put up railway heritage posters; replace original Art Deco fittings in both waiting rooms and the booking hall.

A splendid book published in September 2017: Britain’s 100 Best Railway Stations, by Simon Jenkins, features Leamington as you would hope, and gives a nice acknowledgment of the work of the Friends.

These achievements would not have been possible without the full cooperation of Chiltern Railways and many generous funders, both private and public and are commemorated on blue plaques within the station.

More gardeners are always welcome!

Visit the Friends site and Facebook page for much more.