Covent Garden development update

At a well-attended meeting about the Covent Garden development in the Spa Centre last week, Stephanie Kerr of Bid Leamington concluded by asking for a commitment from the council officers present to hold another similar meeting in 3 months.. It would then be the appropriate time to review the plans and decide on improvements if necessary.

Retailers, businesses and residents made clear their dissatisfaction with the plans for displacement parking after the work has started.  There was also serious disquiet about the detrimental effect of the ongoing work on this area of the town. Dust, disturbance and noise could not be avoided for a significant period of time. The request for a further meeting was supported by our local MP, Matt Western.

Throughout the meeting Bill Hunt of WDC insisted that all options for alternatives to the Covent Garden development had been explored but for various reasons rejected. However he did emphasise that discussions are still ongoing about how to handle the resulting problems:  all parties involved were still talking and aware of the importance of the issues. Despite this a significant proportion of the audience was still very concerned about the proposals.