Clean, Green, Leamington

The latest campaign of Clean Up Britain was launched by its founder at the Town Assembly on 23rd April.  After being trialled in Leamington it will be extended to the rest of the country. John Read explained that this phase of the campaign was entitled “Now or Never “as he feel that now is the moment when effective action must be taken to fight back against the ever-increasing volume of litter and rubbish,  affecting not just our local environment but all areas of the country.  In his view this increase shows that earlier approaches have not worked and it is time for something different, an approach which aims first to change  people’s attitudes to dropping litter and consequently their behaviour.  People who do drop litter or throw it out of car windows in his view do not think about the results of their actions and seeing litter everywhere assume that what they do is acceptable. Clean Up Britain  is therefore working not only with commercial partners but also the Behavioural Science Group of Warwick Business School to design a campaign to address these attitudes,  drawing on insights from behavioural psychology. The theme of this phase of the campaign is that Litter Kills: posters showing a dog with its head stuck in a tin can or a mallard duck entangled in the plastic carry-pack for 4 beer cans are intended to drive home the message and to raise awareness.

John Read stressed that community and business engagement are needed for the campaign to succeed and is very grateful for the support of Warwick District Council.

Encouragingly McDonald’s announced this week that they will be organising an anti-litter “Love where you live “ event this summer. This follows reports in the Courier of the problems encountered by the new manager of the Waterside Inn, with customers of the next-door Drive Thru branch of McDonald’s using his car park to eat their food and then discarding the packaging.  The manager says that he is interested in the pub getting involved in the Now or Never campaign.

If you would like to learn more go to the website . This gives more details about the campaign, including the report from WBS, and shows a striking selection of posters . Another website  explains what is planned for Leamington.