We publish a newsletter four times a year.

November 2017 Newsletter

Warwick and Leamington Constituency, Happy Leamington – Crowded Leamington? Covent Garden and Riverside House, opening of Vitsoe building.

Back numbers are available below; articles addressing significant policy, community and planning matters are identified.

August 2017 New Local Plan, Fly Tipping, Victoria Colonnade, Redevelopment of Riverside House, Newbold Comyn developments, Canal Conservation area

May 17 The bottom line in local government. Covent Garden Redevelopment for council offices. Community infrastructure levy.

February 17  Student accommodation. Fly tipping. “Studentification.

November 16  Brown Field developments. Town Centre forum. Neighbourhood plan

August 2016  Planning for uncertain times, Space standards in housing, University community matters conference, Development at station approach.

May 2016    What’s the point of the Leamington Society, New Warwick District Council office proposals, Air pollution and health.

February 2016   Localism? Creative Quarter, Pump Room Gardens HLF grant application, Greedy planning submissions, Planning for large scale Homes in Multiple Occupation.

November 2015   Carry on Planning, University town Leamington, “To Let” signs, Creative Quarter, Czecholslovak Memorial Fountain, Pump Room Gardens submission.

August 2015  Local Plan; Inspector’s judgement, External thermal insulation, Planning: the wrong way, the right way, Redevelopment south of the river, Student accommodation proposal, Pump Room Gardens Project, Warwickshire college transformation

May 2015  A great place to live…and breathe? WDC local Plan “Unsound” Pump Room Gardens.

February 2015   Submission of local plan, Gateway refusal, “To let” signs, New district council, Major joining schemes under consideration, Housing at station approach

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