Art in the Park buildings competition winner

Clive Engwell of the Leamington Society presents competition prize winner Andrew Thompson with his print of   “Leamington Houses”.  Sidney Syson, Chairman, looks on.

Over 130 people entered the Leamington Society’s competition at Art in the Park.  They were invited to identify, in the correct order, the 4 buildings the Society’s judges considered had most improved the street scene in Leamington over the last 2 years.

Easily top of the public’s list was Vitsoe’s in Princes Drive, but Andrew was the only one to come up with the top 4 in the same order as the judges.  Andrew, who is a local Councillor commented.  “Wow – I have not won any competition before! It was a real pleasure to pop in and see the Leamington Society stall at AITP.”