2021 Awards submission

Welcome to our page for submitting projects for the judges to consider for the 2021 awards. By 22nd August please.

Anyone can nominate a project (or several projects) for the judges to consider. You can either nominate a project of your own, or one that you have seen. Winners will be announced at the awards reception on November 4th.

We’re looking for new designs or restorations that make Leamington Spa look and feel great. It could be a new building or renovation, it could be the development of a beautiful front garden or green space. It could be a creative mural or an inspiring sculpture. The only criteria is that it must be viewable by the public in Leamington Spa. The project must have been completed between April 2018 and April 2021. 

We have two methods for you to make a submission; online by completing the form below, or by post, using the form you can download here …. In either case you can find lots of guidance in this document. Note the deadline of Sunday 22nd August. You must complete a separate form for each of your nominations.