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Leamington Society Newsletter

The February 2023 edition is published here. Topics: Coming talks, including tribute to Adrian Shooter.  Newbold Comyn.  Heating listed homes.  HMOs Licensing consultation.  Severn Trent works in PRG.  WDC is moving from Riverside House plus latest plans for Riverside House site.  Silicon Spa exhibition.  Review of recent talks by Stella Bolitho, Andrew Day, Jess Mooney and Kalvarn Birk

Leamington Society talks for January to May 2023 are shown here, with date, time and venue of each.

Our next talk is a tribute by Ian Baxter to the many achievements of Adrian Shooter CBE who created Chiltern Railways after privatisation of British Rail in 1997.

Click here for more. Note the venue – the Royal Pump Rooms, CV32 4AA

All our talks are open to the public.


l to r: Pump Rooms, Jephson Gardens, Temperate House (Jephson Gardens)

Town Hall, Mill Bridge, Christchurch Gardens

During the recent pandemic the Society’s activities were conducted in accordance with prevailing government regulations or recommendations by other authorities.  In July 2022 it was decided that our activities should return to normal.  In the event of a resurgence of pandemic conditions, the Society will act appropriately.