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Leamington Society Newsletter

The May 2023 edition is published here. Topics include: AGM elected executive committee 2023-24.  Bruno Eurich on project to Make Mill Bridge Great Again.  The purpose of the Leamington Society.  Review of talks by Steven Holland on his life arranging celebratory events in the Glasshouse alongside helping Leamington’s needy; Michelle Hill on finding a new purpose for redundant historic buildings.  New life for the Town Hall.  Assorted news around town, including 10th anniversary of creation of Foundry Wood.  Ian Baxter paying tribute to Adrian Shooter, founding father of Chiltern Railways.

The Leamington Society holds monthly talks from September through to its AGM in the following May.  Information on future talks will be published here when known.

All our talks are open to the public.


l to r: Pump Rooms, Jephson Gardens, Temperate House (Jephson Gardens)

Town Hall, Mill Bridge, Christchurch Gardens

During the recent pandemic the Society’s activities were conducted in accordance with prevailing government regulations or recommendations by other authorities.  In July 2022 it was decided that our activities should return to normal.  In the event of a resurgence of pandemic conditions, the Society will act appropriately.